October 13, 2014

According to the schedule
There’ll be light
& you have to rest at Sunday

The shift is 3 minutes long
If you don’t make it
Wrap up your belly
& wait till another duck floats
Across the river

The war is over
When the number is overwhelming
The warrior is lost
& the will is bent by the fingers
From the thousands

Yet there’s this will
Quietly roaring among thunders
Never surrender
Until Osaka is lost
Until the black ships were wrecked
Until the end of the day

There’s this voice
Still clear among noises
Calling for the meaning
Obscured by the bluntness
And you can hear it
One hair away

I preserved your attitude against punctuation
But there’s an end toward individualism
Just like our lifespan
There’s an infinity out there in reach
Will you make the leap
Into the crowd?

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